9 Corporation Street is supported housing for homeless individuals with complex needs.

We provide residential support for individuals with a range of complex support needs including needs around offending behaviour, being a prison leaver, mental health issues, substance misuse issues, physical health needs, housing needs or a mixture of these.

We support residents to increase control, understanding and involvement in the issues that affect their lives, with a view to moving towards the independence needed to gain and manage their own accommodation.

We support residents with things such as applying for benefits, budgeting skills, access to drug/alcohol services, access to mental health services, harm reduction, relapse prevention, adhering to probation orders, reducing offending and seeking independent accommodation. We work very closely with several partner agencies including the Local Authority housing department, probation, the police Integrated Offender Management team, Drugaid/DDAS and community mental health.

More information

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us:

The Wallich
9 Corporation Street
SY23 2BT

01970 612736