The Swansea PRS Access Team provides a range of services such as support, advice, information and assistance to people accessing private rented accommodation in Swansea.

Bond Board

Swansea Bond Board assists homeless and vulnerably housed people to access private rented accommodation. Assistance and guidance is given and where appropriate, we provide a guarantee bond certificate in lieu of a cash bond, to help people on benefits or a low income access private rented accommodation. We also work with the landlords and tenants to ensure the tenancy is sustainable in the longer term.

Landlord Liaison

Swansea Landlord Liaison provides information, advice and support to landlords regarding all aspects of PRS tenancies.

PRS Tenancy Support

Swansea PRS Tenance Support provdies flexible and responsive short term support for tenants living in PRS accommodation, including pre-tenancy and resettlement support.

More information

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us:

The Wallich
Swansea PRS Access
17 High Street

01792 533139