Symud Ymlaen is a Powys-wide floating support scheme which helps people with substance misuse issues, and focuses on harm reduction.

The Wallich works in partnership with Mid Wales Housing Association to provide a service which supports people that already have a tenancy, or are in need of a tenancy and are engaging in a harm reduction programme.

Our project workers support people in their own homes to encourage them to be responsible for their tenancies, to understand how their tenancies can be affected by substance misuse, and how their tenancies can be successfully maintained.  People supported by this project also receive support from other agencies to reduce or manage their substance misuse in order to minimise the effects on their health, tenancies and their role within the community.

More information

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us:

The Wallich
Symud Ymlaen
Ty’r Bont
Wesley Place
SY16 2AZ

Tel. 01686 621677