Rough Sleepers Intervention Team (RSIT) Bridgend

10 Park St, Bridgend CF31 4AX


01656 674 184

Bridgend Rough Sleepers Intervention Team provides an outreach service and drop-in centre for street homeless people

The team delivers much-needed provisions, support and advice to people that are sleeping rough or are vulnerably housed within Bridgend.

Bridgend Rough Sleepers Intervention Team

Our experienced staff support clients by providing breakfast, hot drinks, sleeping bags, warm clothing, toiletries and help in locating further local provision throughout the day and evening.

We also help to meet their current needs by offering a wide range of advice and by facilitating access to the most appropriate, relevant and often specialist services.

Our support

Bridgend RSIT Rough sleepers intervention team

The team also runs our drop-in centre.

The service provides a safe environment off the street to facilitate our support work after we’ve seen someone out sleeping rough in the morning.

Here, we offer access to a telephone and computer and help people experiencing homelessness to complete forms, applications and referrals to our partners in relation to their current needs.

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us.

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