Flexible fundraising: making digital fundraising the ‘new normal’

Blog post written by Sian Kinsey, Fundraising Coordinator

25 Aug 2021

Over the 18 months, the shift to virtual fundraising has continued to accelerate. Platforms like Facebook, JustGiving, Instagram and GivePenny are leading the way in innovative, virtual fundraising methods.

It’s easy to see why. Virtual fundraising provides an easy, flexible and meaningful way to support the causes you care about, all without leaving the comfort of your own home or local area.

Virtual events are more inclusive and can reach people from remote locations, as well as those currently shielding or in vulnerable health categories.

At The Wallich, we are grateful that so many of you have embraced this change and continue to engage with us virtually. From step challenges and marathons to bake-offs and virtual music compositions – our supporters have gone above and beyond throughout this crisis.

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing in Wales, it’s easy to think that people will return to more traditional methods of fundraising and move away from the digital world.

However, a recent study from Enthuse shows that this isn’t the case, with 44% of the public still choosing to support charities virtually – an increase of 7% since last June.

What’s more, fewer people are meeting up in the office, hanging out in community settings and mass-participation events are yet to fully return. It’s clear that virtual fundraising, in whatever form, is here to stay.

Getting the best of both worlds

The world of fundraising has changed, and we are seeing more hybrid events (a mixture of in-person and virtual) which are proving very popular.

They combine the inclusivity of virtual events, with the memorable experiences and networking which comes with physical events.

Plus, different events are suited to different people: if you’re more of a social butterfly, eager for in-person interaction, or if you’re a little cautious about travelling and attending larger scale events, there’s something for everyone.

These events also help break the barrier for engagement. The times where you would need to travel hours to take part in a race or work event are over.

Gone too are the barriers for participation in large-scale running events – especially if you’re not an experienced runner.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, the rise of Facebook challenges and other technology have changed fundraising for good and have provided a new way to engage and remain connected with each other.

Ways to get involved

Here are some of the ways you can virtually support The Wallich:


Set up a birthday fundraiser

You may be hosting your birthday in person this year. To celebrate, why not create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or another platform?

To get started, simply select your chosen cause – we’re listed as The Wallich, choose your fundraising target, and get sharing!

Set up your Facebook fundraiser

Set up your own challenge or event

Planning to run a marathon in a month? Taking on a mile a day for a week? Cycling 100k? Climbing the Welsh Three Peaks?

Mix it up and get your friends and family to take on the challenge with you – either in person, or virtually in their own way e.g. using a peloton bike, treadmill or walking around their local area.

If you’re hosting a gig, workshop or another in-person event, then expand your audience by live streaming your event so that people can choose to participate or watch virtually at home.

Set up a JustGiving page

Need help setting up a virtual event?

Get in touch with our team.

We’re on hand to provide fundraising support and advice for any events you have planned: dosomething@thewallich.net.

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