Hit the Streets participants hit homelessness where it hurts

07 May 2021

5,871,925 steps and £5,519.50 later, our incredible supporters have had a busy April thanks to Hit the Streets

 Throughout April, we challenged our supporters to Hit the Streets and walk, run, jog or even hop their way to 7,500 steps a day.

Last year, we supported more than 7,500 individuals either at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness in Wales.

Every step that our fundraisers took, correlated to one person that we supported out of homelessness.

The aim of Hit the Streets was to not only to raise vital funds, but to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of those taking part.

Multiple lockdowns and everchanging restrictions have had a significant effect on everyone, meaning this challenge was a welcome distraction and allowed people to focus on something positive this spring.

41 people from across Wales took it upon themselves to Hit the Streets, from exploring hidden gems in local areas to venturing to beauty spots when restrictions allowed.

With a goal of £1,500, our fundraisers went above and beyond, raising an incredible £5,519.50 between them.

Together, our steppers travelled 5,871,925 steps – the equivalent of walking the entire length of the UK, three times over, or climbing up and down Mount Kilimanjaro 83 times.

Here’s what our fundraisers had to say

 BRC Recruitment

“At BRC, we have loved taking part in the Hit The Streets challenge.

Sarah has raised more than £400 to date and enjoyed getting her steps in.

It has been a great month, with eight of us taking part and all hitting our daily step target!”

Eleanor Watkins

“I have really enjoyed the challenge. Getting out every day to get the steps in has had a positive impact on me, especially in the lovely weather.

It has certainly been a challenge to get them in some days, but once I get them done, I feel a great sense of achievement and I’m definitely going to keep up my daily walks when the challenge finishes!”

Samantha, New Directions

“This month has flown by – it’s a great excuse to get outdoors and knowing that the money I have raised will help The Wallich to help vulnerable people makes it a genuine pleasure to take part in the Hit the Streets challenge.”

Sian Kinsey, Fundraising Coordinator, said:

“Hit the Streets was a brand-new virtual event for us and we are so grateful for the support and engagement we have seen from our supporters throughout April.

We’ve very proud of our Hit the Street-ers for their all their fundraising efforts. We’ve exceeded our overall target.

This event was not only about raising funds and kick-starting positive habits, but also about coming together as small community to help more people take steps away from homelessness for good.”

At a time when home is more important than anything, thank you to everyone that took part in Hit the Streets for The Wallich.

While April’s challenge may be over, May brings a new challenge.

Find out about the Run for Heroes 5kMay.

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