In uncertain times, we need regular support more than ever

Post by Michael Cowley, Senior Fundraising and Partnerships Manager

13 Sep 2019
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Last year, your regular donations helped raise £18,275 – enough to keep someone off the streets at our Cardiff Nightshelter for an entire year. Regular giving helps charities like The Wallich ensure their services will continue in the future.

Charities Aid Foundation’s annual UK Giving Report highlights a downward trend in people giving to the causes they care about. Worryingly, this is the third year in a row fewer people are donating to charity.

Why is this? It’s clear that trust in charities has been tested in recent years and with the ongoing effects of austerity and a degree of uncertainty over the future (don’t mention the B-word), people are simply being more careful with their money.

Causes for concern

Services which support people with socio-economic issues are facing unprecedented demand and we need your support now, more than ever.

Charities underpin our society. Whether it’s delivering vital services on behalf of the government or helping to fill in the gaps where health and social care provision ends, charities are there for people in need. And with public support, charities are also able to develop new and innovative services, often leading the way in driving change in how we support people.

Without invaluable support from our communities, charities simply won’t be able to continue to provide essential services; putting further strain on an already stretched system.

Regular donors, extraordinary people

Life is busy and we often can’t find the time to act on our impulses – how often do you find yourself inspired, thinking that you’d like to do something to help, get involved in an event, join a demonstration, make a donation or volunteer for the causes you care about? And then how often do other things take priority?

Setting up a regular donation is a great way to providing ongoing, sustainable support. Not to mention, quick, easy and convenient for you. With a low-level monthly gift, you can be sure that you are continuing to support the causes you care about – even when life gets in the way.

For us, just £4 per month means that each year, you can fund a bed for a night at one of our emergency Nightshelters – helping someone to get off the streets and into safety.

Last year, our donors who support with a regular gift helped raise £18,275 – covering the running cost of our Cardiff Nightshelter for almost a month and helping prevent more than 500 instances of rough sleeping in the capital city.

This small commitment – the cost of a Monday morning coffee once a month, for example – really can be lifesaving.

In uncertain times, being able to rely on regular support helps us to plan for the future and ensure that we are always there to offer support when people need us.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3

We have three ways you can set up a regular donation to help people experiencing homelessness in Wales. While you’re here, why not think about helping us sustain their future:


Visit choose how much you’d like to give and simply complete the form, setting the donation frequency to Monthly or Annually.


To donate via your mobile phone, text WARM to 70660 to donate £4 per month. Visit for full details.

Payroll giving

Make a regular donation comes straight from your pay, before tax, making your money go further (a £5 monthly donation for example, would only cost you £4). Speak to your employer about whether they have payroll giving set-up or visit our payroll giving page on our website to sign-up.

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