The state must end all release into homelessness

01 Apr 2021

We believe that no one should be discharged from state institutions into homelessness.

We currently see far too many people being released from prisons without a home to return to.

Just as a local authority has a duty to assist all those who present as at risk of homelessness, we believe that the HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) should have a duty to ensure those leaving its care are not released into homelessness.


As well as being at greater risk of physical and mental health problems, individuals who are released from prison with no home to return to are also more likely to reoffend, putting ever more pressure on already overstretched prisons and probation services.

Whilst we at The Wallich already have positive working relationships with HMPPS, we would like to see cross-agency working on issues such as housing and health to become more strategic, led by the Welsh and UK Governments.

Although we recognise that justice is not currently a devolved responsibility of the Welsh Government, housing and homelessness is devolved, as is public health protection.

We call on the next Welsh Government to work proactively with HMPPS and the UK Ministry of Justice to address this major cause of homelessness in Wales.

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