BOSS Project (Building Opportunities, Skills & Success)

This service is no longer taking referrals

Please see our statement about the BOSS project’s closure on 30 June 2024

We would like to extend our thanks to staff and everyone who’s been involved with the project over the years.

criminal records and homelessness


The Wallich Building Opportunities, Skills and Success project (BOSS) is a South Wales wide employability and wellbeing programme for people with offending backgrounds.

Our team of dedicated mentors support individuals through the process of rehabilitation and guide them towards a more positive life.

Prison Release Guide

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to employment that a criminal record presents by working alongside employers to access a pool of motivated and diverse talent.

Who we help

If you are currently in a south Wales prison or on probation, the project is here to help you find stability, regain control and secure employment.


Our approach

We listen first and ask questions later.

Following a trauma informed model, we build on your strengths and tailor our support to improve your confidence, increase your skills and change your mindset.

“I look forward to speaking to you and making plans for the future and knowing you will listen and support me through means a lot.

Just having that someone means lot to me. Sometimes all people need is support to realise their own potential.” – BOSS client

Support includes:

Want to see a roadmap of how we help people?

Check out Bob’s journey | Read Kingsley’s story


Experts by experience

Our peer mentors know first-hand what you are going through.

Peer mentors use their personal experience of the criminal justice system to guide you through the process and encourage you to find your own way to success.

The fact my mentor had lived experience made so much difference to me, we need more mentors like Gemma that are relatable and approachable.– BOSS client

Benefits for employers

Are you an employer looking to address skills shortages, struggling to recruit, interested in ban the box or want to be more socially responsible?


Employing people with an offending background contributes to a reduction in reoffending and creates safer communities.

The BOSS project has experience of supporting employers with assessing risk, creating inclusive recruitment policies and identifying those individuals who just need an opportunity to shine.

Speak to us to learn more about how you can become involved.

The recruitment challenges in construction have grown. We struggle to find labourers for big projects. BOSS allowed us to help people and tap into a new recruitment source.– BOSS employer

Referral process

Ask your probation officer to refer you.

If you are an agency supporting an individual, speak to us to discuss our referral pathways.