Homeless World Cup comes to Wales

27 Jul 2019

The 17th Homeless World Cup football tournament will take place in Cardiff’s Bute Park from Saturday 27 July – Saturday 3 August.

More than 500 players of different genders, representing 50 countries, will travel to Cardiff to attend the week-long festival of football, music and speakers – including our own CEO, Lindsay Cordery-Bruce.

Homeless World Cup Cardiff Wales 2019 - Homelessness Charity The Wallich - Teams from different countries who have been homeless

The Wallich is an official partner of the Homeless World Cup and the public can come and see us at the big purple Welfare Vehicle near the entrance of the site.

Players and volunteers won’t be defined by their homelessness, but instead as representatives of their country, as athletes, boosting their confidence and self-worth.

Who can go?

This is a community event for all. Entry is FREE – bring your families, friends and pets.

Homeless World Cup Cardiff Wales 2019 - Wales Women Football Team

How are The Wallich involved?

Supporting this event, its extraordinary players and volunteers is in keeping with our new organisational value Community – we need a community response to homelessness and we should be present for anything which provides positive, inclusive opportunities for those we support.

Our staff will be leading the tournament’s safeguarding – ensuring all players, volunteers and those presenting as homeless during the week have support.

The event will be busy and possibly a bit daunting, that’s why we’ve committed our Welfare Vehicle, Street Fleet and several members of staff to ensure people are protected.


Why attend?

Crowds will witness the players, many of whom will have experienced hardship and homelessness, overcome the odds to proudly wear their nation’s jersey.

As well as awe-inspiring football, attendees will hear from Welsh music legends James Dean Bradfield, Euros Childs, Gwenno and Charlotte Church’s Pop Dungeon. Comedy from Sara Pascoe and a live recording of podcast The Guilty Feminist are not to be missed.

Check out the full Homeless World Cup line-up and fixtures.

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