The Welfare Vehicle

All Wales

029 2066 8464

The Welfare Vehicle operates across the country responding to local needs such as a sudden increase in rough sleeping or to address local concerns


It provides support to communities, groups and individuals in areas where there are few existing services, or to enhance outreach where services do exist.

From Aberystwyth to Anglesey, Cardiff to Carmarthen, our staff can be on hand to provide advice and support, offering a safe environment for those with nowhere else to go.

The Wallich Welfare Vehicle Mobile Outreach for Homeless People

What’s on-board

The Welfare Vehicle hosts a number of on-board facilities to help people experiencing homelessness including:

The large purple truck is also available for awareness raising events and open days where our expert staff and volunteers can speak to your audience about homelessness.

Check out our Welfare Vehicle leaflet for more information.

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