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The Wallich’s Mobile Operations team takes homelessness outreach vehicles to the streets of Wales

Whether it’s Aberystwyth, Abergavenny, Neath or Newport, our Mobile Operations vehicles take support to people who need it, where they need it.

Our expert staff create a safe environment for people who may not have access to services in their region.

Since 2017 The Wallich’s Mobile Operations have been improving the reach, speed and quality of homelessness services.

All of the vehicles that make up The Wallich’s Mobile Operations have been named by staff in memory of those who have been special to The Wallich.

Our homelessness-related outreach vehicles

The Welfare Vehicle


The Welfare Vehicle is one of The Wallich’s most recognisable vehicles – having taken part in Pride Cymru, the 2019 Homeless World Cup and popping up in towns around Wales.

Nicknamed Monty, after a beloved Wallich dog, The Welfare Vehicle responds to local needs such as sudden increase in rough sleeping, local awareness events or drop-in support.

The Welfare Vehicle was instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic for helping to rollout the Coronavirus vaccine.

On-board facilities include a shower, tumble dryer medical room and one-to-one meeting room that people who are experiencing homelessness can access.

Find out more about The Wallich’s Welfare Vehicle

See The Welfare Vehicle’s floor plan


The Wellbeing Vehicle

Our Wellbeing Vehicle, nicknamed Dilys in tribute to a remarkable supporter of The Wallich, tends to focus on harm reduction.

The Wellbeing Vehicle supports people who need help with housing, physical health, substance use, mental health and more.

This vehicle has been part of a pioneering project to increase Hepatitis C testing with Swansea University Health Board, promoting better diagnosis in people experiencing homelessness.

The Wellbeing Vehicle also has an established relationship with Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service; regularly delivering outreach and providing advice within towns in the region.

On-board The Wellbeing Vehicle, there are kitchen facilities, desk space and sockets, a toilet and WI-FI.

Street Fleet vehicles

As a result of the 2017 Reaching Out to Rough Sleepers winter campaign, in partnership with the South Wales Echo, The Wallich purchased five vehicles to aid our rough sleeping services.

Homelessness charity the Wallich launch a new fleet of ' Street Fleet' Vehicles in Newport

The Street Fleet was distributed across Wales and named in memory of lost service users in each area:

The Street Fleet aim to go out daily across Wales to people sleeping rough to offer provisions, support and advice.

Not only to our teams go directly to people who are living on the streets, but our vehicles can help keep people off the streets, by moving people and their possessions into hostels or their own homes.

They can also take residents to appointments, support sessions, volunteering training, education and work placements or on life-changing trips in an effort to break continuous cycles of homelessness.

Booking our Mobile Operations Vehicles

To speak to our team about mobile operations and services, contact:

We are an established organisation. When our vehicles go out and park up, people trust us and other professionals riding with us, to access support.


From working in partnership health boards to working with a nominated Nurse of The Year to take medical services to people sleeping rough in Bridgend, we’re open to the possibilities of mobile outreach.

Are you looking to partner with an innovative service to take homelessness, health and wellbeing services to people directly in their community?

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