World Homelessness Day (10 Oct)

Rebuilding lives and communities affected by homelessness

09 Oct 2020

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World Homelessness Day happens every year in October

On Saturday 10 October 2020, the world will be turning its attention and energy to homelessness in the midst of Coronavirus.

The mantra of the pandemic has been ‘Home’. Work at home. Home schooling. Stay at Home.

But what about those people for whom home is not a safe haven, or those who don’t have a home at all?

In Wales, while there have been many positive solutions to alleviate homelessness this year, it has not been solved.

Now we must focus on a safe and sustainable future.

What is The Wallich doing?

On World Homelessness Day 2020, we will launch our annual winter campaign to raise awareness and funds to end homelessness in Wales.

Our staff have been working hard, supporting more than 4,000 people experiencing homelessness since the start of lockdown in March.

In uncertain times, one thing is certain. We must continue to respond to anyone who needs us.

What you can do for World Homelessness Day

The whole world has had to reassess plans for the future recently.

World Homelessness Day is a great opportunity to refocus our energy and help rebuild lives and communities affected by homelessness.

Whether it’s raising a few pounds, providing opportunities or educating yourself on homelessness issues, there’s lots that the public, communities and decision-makers can do.

Help people and communities rebuild

This winter, we’re asking people to:



Bring your community together to end homelessness for good.

Help someone experiencing homelessness reconnect with the services they need to support them.

Lockdown and isolation has affected many of our client’s mental health as they cannot attend usual involvement activities.

Raising £20 could buy arts and crafts materials to engage people in creative, mindfulness activities for clients in isolation.

We’ve also used donations to connect people to the internet, who were previously digitally excluded.



What can you do to end homelessness?

Set yourself a fitness goal, lace up your trainers and run the Cardiff Half Marathon for The Wallich next year. Or set up a virtual fundraising event.

Your donation could be used to provide life-changing support for someone experiencing homelessness.

For example, £50 can offer someone who is struggling, access to a therapeutic counselling session.

Alternatively, contact your local MS or MP to ask for reassurance that homelessness will continue to be a priority.



Regular support helps us to plan for the future.

Help us continue to rebuild someone’s life and offer them the best chance of moving on after homelessness.

Regular giving helps us prepare for the future. £5 per month contributes to potentially life-changing resources for someone.

For example, £5 per month could buy basic food items for someone facing severe hardship, making sure they always have access to regular meals.

For World Homelessness Day 2020, help us reconnect people without a home, with the help they need to find one.

Help us to refocus our resources to those who are most severely affected by the pandemic.

Help us rebuild our communities across Wales and end homelessness, for good.

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