Manifesto 2021

Homelessness needs a health check 

01 Apr 2021

The Wallich homeless manifesto - Senedd Elections 2021 - Wales Politics

Homelessness needs a health check

The 2021 Welsh elections fall at a crossroads for our country.

After a difficult 2020, where our communities have been challenged like never before by the global coronavirus pandemic and pre-existing inequalities have significantly widened, the next  Welsh Government will be tasked with building back stronger than before.

Two things strike us as particularly salient.

Firstly, as so many people have spent more time indoors than ever before, it has never been more important to have somewhere safe and comfortable to call home.


And secondly, the pandemic has emphatically demonstrated that good quality housing is a public health issue.

The response from Welsh Government and local authorities was highly successful, providing emergency accommodation in April 2020 to 407 individuals who had been sleeping rough, on public health grounds.

But just as it is dangerous to be sleeping rough during a pandemic, it is dangerous at all other times too, and is not something that should be tolerated in a modern society.

Read our calls to all candidates and parties seeking to form the next Welsh Government. Together they represent a unique opportunity to give homelessness a health check.

Manifesto 2021

Our calls for the next Welsh Government

  1. Everyone has a human right to a home
  2. Everyone facing homelessness is our priority
  3. Rapid rehousing is essential for ending homelessness
  4. Our people are our most important assets
  5. Accountable, evidence-led commissioning
  6. Substance misuse policy must embrace harm-reduction
  7. The state must end all release into homelessness

Do you agree?

If you agree with any or all of the above calls, then tell your MS candidate.

Please feel free to email us at or support our calls on social media.

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