The Wallich and Cardiff Council Rough Sleeping Peer Mentor Team - Homeless and housing service

Rough Sleeping Peer Mentor Team

Who better to help people experiencing homelessness than those who’ve experienced it themselves Cardiff’s Rough Sleeping Peer Mentor Team is a collaborative project between The Wallich and Cardiff Council. The team does assertive outreach with professionals in Cardiff to help people on the streets engage with the services available to them. We asked the Rough […]Read more


Maia’s volunteer story

Maia started volunteering at The Wallich over the summer months, whilst home from university. Read her reflection of her time spent as an Office Support Volunteer with the Fundraising and Communications teams. “As I filled in my volunteer application form early this Summer, I didn’t really know what I was signing up for.  I was […]Read more

university dental hospital

Former client undergoes dental transformation

Stuart, a Wallich staff member with lived experience of homelessness, overcame a dental phobia and transformed his smile. Now, he wants to encourage others like him to do the same. A chaotic lifestyle, involving substance misuse and a period of homelessness, contributed to significant dental implications for Stuart. Following extensive work on his teeth, find […]Read more


Volunteers Week story

The Wallich is celebrating Volunteers Week from 1 – 7 June 2019.   Volunteers Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contributions that volunteers make across the UK.   Meet some of our incredible volunteers from across Wales who are doing their bit to make homelessness history.    Meet Oli  “My name is Oli and I’m […]Read more

Newport drop-in

Newport drop-in centre stories

The Wallich’s Newport drop-in centre provides a safe environment off the street with access to a telephone, computer, utilities such as a washing machine, housing advice and help to complete forms and applications.  If you visit the city centre hub on a busy Friday morning, you’ll witness the vibrant buzz of various clients coming through […]Read more

Criminal record

Women of BOSS

Our Building Opportunities, Skills and Success (BOSS) project works with women and men with an offending background across South Wales to help them move on with the lives on release. Female prisoners rarely have the chance to share their story but here we focus on two incredible women who, with our help, broke the barrier […]Read more


Brett’s story

Brett has faced a breakdown in his relationship, unemployment, addiction and homelessness. He’s been through a lot but now he’s ready to share his story of recovery. “My name is Brett. I’m originally from Bridgend. I’ve been with The Wallich for approximately two and a half years. I was first in the Vesta project in […]Read more

alcohol andy

Andy’s Story

Starting to drink as a teenager, risking his job to fuel his alcohol addiction and spending a lot of time incarcerated in various prisons across the UK, Andy never thought his lifestyle would change. In 2019, Andy is now over 3 years sober and starting full time employment. Read his story. “I was born in […]Read more

Leonne - sober and working

Leonne’s Story

Leonne reached crisis and knew she needed help. After engaging with two of The Wallich’s employment programmes, Leonne discovered her passion and is now in full-time employment. Leonne lived in the same house for 20 years, but her drinking started escalating. At her lowest point, she was caught drink-driving twice and went to prison for 35 days […]Read more

Eleviating homelessness through sport - participation in rugby helping homeless people

Sam’s Story

From engaging with one of The Wallich’s Young People’s Projects, to completing an intensive employment programme, Sam* is now focusing on his bright future ahead. This is his story. Where were you before you entered our services?  “I used to live with my mother in Bridgend but then we had an argument and I got chucked out. I […]Read more

Abi Volunteer to Employment

Abi’s volunteer to employment story 

Abi started volunteering with The Wallich in April 2018 before being offered a full-time role in the communications team in August. Read Abi’s reflection of her journey with The Wallich and the benefits of becoming a volunteer.  Why volunteer with The Wallich?  “Ever since I was younger, I’ve recognised how prevalent homelessness is but I […]Read more

BOSS Construction boot cam - ex-offenders Wales

Construction bootcamp participants

How could a construction bootcamp change the lives of ex-offenders in Wales? Nestled in the valleys of the Vale of Glamorgan, Arc Academy‘s latest recruits for its construction bootcamp are working hard at their new project. With continued support from The Wallich’s Building Opportunities Skills and Success (BOSS) team, a selection of our service users […]Read more

Employment Training in Wales - The Wallich

Richie’s Story

Richie met difficulties with finding employment. After completing two of The Wallich’s learning and employment courses, he started a full-time job in January 2018. Read his story. “Before starting out my journey with The Wallich, I had faced the barrier of a criminal record for a long time. I’ve been to prison on three separate […]Read more


Tony’s Story

Tony has been working with The Wallich’s Building Opportunities, Skills and Success (BOSS) project. BOSS has helped him get back into work after facing the barrier of a criminal record. Read his story.   “Before coming to The Wallich, I was on the roads for nine years putting water mains in. Life was alright, I […]Read more


John’s story

John came to The Wallich after experiencing homelessness. John has participated in some of The Wallich’s most interesting sport and arts projects. Here, he takes us through his experience of taking part in ‘The Chimes’, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickins’ other Christmas story, where clients performed alongside professional actors. “No one could have anticipated […]Read more


Stevan’s story

Read Stevan’s experience of homelessness in west Wales. He has engaged with The Wallich’s Ceredigion Solutions Service and has hope for a new future. “Before coming to The Wallich, I was living in a tent in the woods with my dog Jack. Apart from a few short tenancies, I have been homeless and transient for […]Read more


Kelly’s Story

Kelly is an ex-offender who completed a three-week work placement with Interserve, to gain new skills and confidence, though The Wallich’s Building Opportunities Skills and Success (BOSS) project. As part of a scheme to develop new senior leaders, Interserve construction business based in Swansea, proposed a new partnership with The Wallich to help those who […]Read more


Pete’s story

A criminal record can be a barrier to employment, putting many at risk of re-offending behaviour or homelessness. One solution is The Wallich’s Building Opportunities, Skills and Success (BOSS) project. It provides employment prospects and training to ex-offenders and prisoners in South Wales. Read Pete’s* story: “I was released from prison after 20 years in […]Read more


Paige’s Story

As she moves on to her next adventure, Paige Bartlett reflects on her time as a Community Fundraising Intern for The Wallich “I decided to volunteer for The Wallich because I had seen the increase in homeless people within Cardiff City Centre and wanted to help. I saw an internship vacancy online through Cardiff University […]Read more


Ian’s Story

  Ian has been involved with The Wallich since 2016 – first as a service-user and later as a volunteer. Using a service to fit his needs, Ian was provided with long-term supported accommodation at the Cardiff Shoreline Project. “Before becoming a Shoreline service user in the summer of 2016, I was living in Cardiff […]Read more


Chris’s Volunteer Story

Chris volunteered with our Swansea Shoreline project as a support worker before gaining employment. Here’s his story: “I have wanted to become a support worker for a few years now and when I was made redundant from BHS in Swansea it was a perfect opportunity for me to make the career change. Doing volunteer work is a good way to […]Read more


Kevin’s Story

Kevin has worked at The Wallich for nearly 11 years and started his career with us as a Project Worker at our Shoreline Project in May 2006. He reflects on his own personal experience of alcohol misuse which he experienced for 23 years. He has been sober for 15 years and looks back on his […]Read more


Sian’s Volunteer Story

Sian is our Corporate Events Intern and graduated from Cardiff University in 2016 with a degree in English Literature. She hopes to have a career in fundraising or events communications, here’s her story: “I’ve always had a keen interest in pursuing a career in the charity sector, and after undertaking a volunteer trip abroad and […]Read more


Nik’s Swansea Volunteer Story

Nik has been volunteering with the Rough Sleepers Intervention Team in Swansea since April 2016, here’s his story: “I do the early breakfast run in Swansea with Karl Bresnan on Wednesday morning. We drive around all the known areas for rough sleepers and offer a warm drink, hot food and advice. Between 8am and 9am we […]Read more


Nick’s story

Nick has lived in the Croes Ffin project since July 2016. Croes Ffin provides residential support to those who are homeless with substance misuse issues. The aim of Croes Ffin is to give people the support they need to remain abstinent, undertake learning opportunities and find stable employment to allow them to move on into their own homes. […]Read more


Peter’s Story

Peter accessed The Wallich hostel St Leonard’s earlier this year in Swansea that provides accommodation and support for men who are leading an abstinence-based lifestyle. Residents are supported to gain independent living skills before moving on to more permanent housing. Here’s his story: “I was living in Birmingham and become homeless due to a situation where […]Read more

Jason Croes Ffin

Jason’s Story

Jason lives in the Croes Ffin project. Croes Ffin provides residential support to homeless people with substance misuse issues. The aim of Croes Ffin is to give people the support they need to remain abstinent, reskill and find stable employment to allow them to move on into their own homes. This is Jason’s story. “I’m […]Read more


Aaron’s Story

Aaron is supported by the Housing First Anglesey project. Housing First Anglesey provides residential support to homeless people with complex needs. It is currently the only project of its type in Wales. Housing First differs from the traditional method of housing homeless people as it takes people with complex needs and places them straight into […]Read more


Matt’s Story

Matt lives in the Wallich Cardiff Shoreline project. The aim of Shoreline is to provide accommodation to street drinkers who would otherwise be sleeping rough. Residents are supported to reduce their alcohol intake at their own pace. They may have been excluded from abstinence based or ‘dry house’ projects. This is Matt’s story. “I was […]Read more

Stuart the receptionist in Central Services

Stuart – One Year On

For Volunteers Week last year, Stuart wrote a blog about his experience of volunteering and how it helped him after a period of sleeping rough.  Stuart now works as a receptionist, supporting other volunteers on their journey. “When I look back to where I came from, it makes me proud to see what I have achieved.  I […]Read more


Dee’s Story

Dee talks about her experience of homelessness and overcoming the challenges she faced as a result of her low confidence. “I became homeless in September 2014. After living in the Rhondda for over eleven years, away from my family, friends and city-life, it felt daunting having to come back to Cardiff and declare myself homeless. […]Read more

B&W woman drinking coffee

Susan’s Story

Susan received support from The Wallich which enabled her to increase her confidence and overcome issues experienced as a result of an abusive relationship. Here, she reflects on her journey. “When I received the news that I would receive support from the Wallich, I didn’t expect much. I had been housebound for a few years, […]Read more

Rough sleeper under a bridge

Rough Sleeping in Cardiff – Karl and Darren’s Stories

Two of our Nightshelter residents talk about their experiences of rough sleeping in Cardiff and explain how The Wallich has helped them. Darren “I lived in a tent for two years.  I would pitch it up in and around Cardiff, where ever I could find a space. Then, this one night, some guy came asking […]Read more

Receptionist at The Wallich

Stuart’s Story

Stuart has been volunteering with The Wallich for just over a year. For Volunteers Week, he blogs about his experience as volunteer and how it helped him return to employment: “I first received support when I was a rough sleeper in Bridgend. I attended the drop-in service at The Wallich to see what help and […]Read more

Black and white headshot of Kerry

Kerry’s Story

Kerry was referred to a project run by The Wallich in Bridgend. As she moves on with her life, she has bravely shared her story. “Hi my name is Kerry and I’m a former client of The Wallich in Bridgend . I came to live in Wales from Northern Ireland in July of 2010 as […]Read more

Black and white man drinking tea in office

Gareth’s Story

Gareth has been in recovery for four years now. Thanks in part to the staff at The Wallich Croes Ffin project but mostly to his own strength and determination, he has completely turned his life around. A drug user since his early teens, Gareth became addicted to heroin and methadone. Weighing just eight stone, suffering […]Read more

Black and white picture of Sarah on chair

Sarah’s Story

Sarah moved to Llanelli from Milford Haven on Christmas Eve. She had been living in a large four-bedroom house, owned by the parents of her ex-husband, and the relationship between both parties had broken down. Her ex parents in-law were acting as landlords, but the house was in a state of disrepair and the difficult […]Read more