Shoreline Cardiff

27 Court Rd, Cardiff CF11 6RZ

Cardiff and Vale

Cardiff Shoreline is a specialist “wet” accommodation project

It provides long-term supported accommodation to homeless adults who are either alcohol dependent or experience significant problems with alcohol.

The project is “wet” meaning residents can continue to drink in their accommodation

By providing residents with a safe environment and the support of knowledgeable and experienced staff, the project can assist residents in the process of change and the modification of their behaviours.

Making residents more aware of the options, opportunities and choices available to them enables them to make informed choices for themselves.

Options include controlled drinking, reduced drinking or stopping drinking – but the project is also designed to support those for whom this is not an option, either in the long or short term.

Staff at the project also assist residents in addressing their individual support needs, such as:


Though the project is “wet”, the working ethos and philosophy of the project results in a large proportion of residents drinking less and moderating their drinking behaviours.

The Wallich believes that homeless and vulnerable people are individuals with varied and different support needs.

It is proven that their successful recovery can be benefited by living in a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE).

We want to provide innovative and trauma-informed services, like Shoreline in Cardiff, and match people as best we can can to support which suits them.

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us.

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