Swansea NPT 360

Neath Port Talbot, Swansea

07966 379 568

Support for people with multiple, overlapping and unmet needs facing homelessness

Swansea Neath Port Talbot 360 homeless and mental health support leaflet

As a single point of access service, the Swansea Neath Port Talbot 360 project is a multi-agency partnership.

It aims to put people who have the most complex needs in the middle of the picture.

Our philosophy is simple:

If we can support people with the most challenging circumstances to remain safe and happy in housing; then we will make significant strides in system change to help reduce the risks of homelessness for everyone.

About the service

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Homeless Health Occupational Therapy TEAM – HHOT team

This unique multidisciplinary team, which will link services together and provide a single point of continuity for users.

The HHOT team will initially only be available to the most complex cases.

It also targets individuals across the area who are repeatedly homeless, struggling to access support.

Networking, co-production and project development

The partnership will create the space to facilitate change through:

Trauma informed training, coaching and assessing

We will ensure that high-quality training is accessible to all those who need it and build on the knowledge and skills of experienced individuals.

We will use new tools to better assess how well these practices are becoming embedded in organisations.

Sector-wide reporting framework

We will build knowledge and capacity to influence future policy and practice.

Develop improved reporting framework and explore potential newly developed software.

What to expect

Accessing the service

Referrals to the service can be made via email. For guidance and the referral form, please contact the service for more details.

Swansea NPT 360 is funded by the Lottery Helping End Homelessness Fund.

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