Swansea Prevention and Wellbeing Support (PAWS)

11 Orchard Street, Swansea, SA1 5AS.


01792 957910

Are you homeless, in danger of becoming homeless or struggling to maintain your home?

Swansea Prevention and Wellbeing Service (PAWS) is here to help you manage and maintain your accommodation.

By providing support that is tailored to your needs, helping you to build confidence and improve your circumstances at the right time, in the right place at your pace.

We recognise that a wide range of support can be needed to help you sustain your home, so our support service offers a wide range of help in a way that is personal to you.

Support is provided by The Wallich if you live in Swansea South (purple) and by Caerlas if you live in North Swansea (green).

These areas are shown in the following map:

Swansea PAWS

The team at Swansea’s Prevention and Wellbeing service can provide advice, information and support on the following:

Managing and Maintaining Your Home

Feeling Healthier

Feeling Safer

Managing Money

Accessing Employment and Training

Building Relationships


Do you need help with accessing accommodation in the Private Rented Sector?

Visit our Swansea PRS page for more information.

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