Ty Nesaf Hostel

Queen's Rd, Aberystwyth SY23 2HJ


01970 625 022

Ceredigion Aberystwyth - The Wallich staff

The Wallich Ty Nesaf service is a harm reduction project in Aberystwyth

It provides supported housing to individuals aged 18 and over with complex needs.

The project aims to work with the residents to support them to reduce the various harms they have in their lives.

This includes issues with homelessness, substance misuse issues, mental health issues and repeat offending.

As a consequence, the project benefits the local area as it is proven to reduce the level of negative impact these individuals may have on the community in general and alleviate strain on local emergency services such as ambulance call-outs or the police.

Supported Accommodation - Harm Reduction - Addiction - Recovery - Wales

The Wallich believes that homeless and vulnerable people are individuals with varied and different support needs.

It is proven that their successful recovery can be benefited by living in a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE).

We want to provide innovative and trauma-informed services, like Ty Nesaf in Ceredigion, and match people as best we can can to support which suits them.

For more information about the project, or to request referral information, please contact us.

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