Chris volunteered with our Swansea Shoreline project as a support worker before gaining employment. Here’s his story:

“I have wanted to become a support worker for a few years now and when I was made redundant from BHS in Swansea it was a perfect opportunity for me to make the career change. Doing volunteer work is a good way to get into full time work for the role.

I also wanted to give something back as I have been quite lucky in my personal life when it comes to making certain elements come in to being and I wanted to help make other people’s lives better.


As a volunteer, I was mainly an extra set of eyes ears and hands for the project. I was given the same rights as The Wallich staff when it came to meetings, files, training and computer tasks but spent most of my time either chatting with service users or helping to decorating projects and clean.  I also attended daily checks on our clients both at Shoreline and other accommodation around Swansea.

Best moments

One of the best moments if my time as a Wallich volunteer was seeing the outcome of our hard work which was put into emptying a flat, stripping it right back to the essentials and then cleaning it and redecorating the entire accommodation ready for the next client.

I had a great sense of achievement, seeing the finished project and the new tenant appreciating his new accommodation to a point where he has put his own little stamp on it but it has also kept at a good standard of cleanliness has been so rewarding.

“It has been a great experience”

I would recommend volunteering for The Wallich, even if you are not looking for a job in support work, as it has been a great experience. I have met some lovely people not just staff wise but service users too and it feels like I have done something good as an individual and it has been both trying and rewarding.

Following my volunteering I have gained a permanent position The Wallich as a support worker based in Swansea Shoreline”.

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