• Lindsay Cordery-Bruce

    Chief Executive Officer
    This isn’t just what I do for a living, it’s my reason FOR living. I will shout loudly for the people we support and empower them to lead alongside me.
    02920 668464
  • Darren Pritchard

    Director of Finance and IT
    I believe firmly in the aims and objectives of the charity, in its mission to offer to support a basic right of everyone in our society of a safe place to live, without exclusion.
    029 2066 0461
  • Jan Balsdon

    Director of Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships
    I’m very privileged in my role to work with the corporate sector, our staff and most importantly, the people we support to achieve this vision.
    029 2066 0474
  • Antony Kendall

    Director of Operations
    I thrive on working with like-minded individuals where our combined efforts improve the lives of others.
    029 2066 0463


  • Winston Jacobs

    Wallich - Trustees - Winston Jacobs
  • Tom Bennett

  • Sian Davies

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  • Steve Sanders

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  • Rod Dubrow-Marshall

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  • Sarah Botterill

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  • Malcolm John Thomas

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  • Sharon Cleverley

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