• Lindsay Cordery-Bruce

    Chief Executive Officer
    This isn’t just what I do for a living, it’s my reason FOR living. I will shout loudly for the people we support and empower them to lead alongside me.
    02920 668464
  • Darren Pritchard

    Director of Finance and IT
    I believe firmly in the aims and objectives of the charity, in its mission to offer to support a basic right of everyone in our society of a safe place to live, without exclusion.
    029 2066 0461
  • Antony Kendall

    Director of Operations
    I thrive on working with like-minded individuals where our combined efforts improve the lives of others.
    029 2066 0463


  • Winston Jacobs

    Wallich - Trustees - Winston Jacobs
  • Tom Bennett

  • Sian Davies

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  • Steve Sanders

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  • Sarah Botterill

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  • Malcolm John Thomas

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  • Sharon Cleverley

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  • Helen Phillips

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